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We help eliminate the struggle. All it requires is shifting focus from "time" to your values and priorities.
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Connect Your Mission To Your Goals

Create a mission statement

You get a template to help you create a personal mission statement in a snap. It is timed in under eight minutes to capture your gut reaction. Simple + fast.

Identify your top three goals

Your top three goals serve as milestones to help get you closer to your mission. Now you can focus on creating a meaningful life, increasing happiness and productivity.

See progress

Your goal board shows you immediate progress and helps you identify bottlenecks faster. Now you can jump over hurdles and reach your goal in record time.

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Using Focus Opus has helped me a lot with my organizational Skills. I am not the most organized person in world. I am better prepared for my final exams and projects in high school and it helped me get a great start in my college career. When I started College they threw a loooootttt of work at me right away. Your system helped me manage my time and maintain a 3.8 GPA
Isaiah Martinez

Isaiah Martinez

College Freshman
I believe in your methods so much. I have used used your Focus Opus system and started my bucket list. 6 bucket list items are in motion and I have already checked off having a baby, publishing my 3rd book Selling with Synchronicity, published my first novel Beneath the Bridge of Sighs, visited the Vatican, and drank wine in Tuscany.
Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes

2x #1 Best-Selling Author & Award-Winning Author of Selling with Synchronicity, President & CEO of Sales Coach Now
When I have used your system, I do get most, if not, all of the tasks I set done. When I don't use Focus Opus, I find I only get about half my tasks done and I’m somewhat scattered. What really helps is it keeps me more focused on the day.
Dave G.

Dave G.

IT Manager, Canada


E-Learning Templates

Our templates help you progress toward your goal while you learn

Focus on You

Everything that is important to you all in one place.

Goal Reminder

You get friendly reminders to make progress on your goal.

Plus…we will be adding more features to help you

Increase your happiness
Define what success means to you
Reach your goals faster
Have Fun & Get It Done